LIVE – UK: Liz Truss appoints diversity government

Average internet users, a parliamentarian and even the Swedish prime minister: after the election of Liz Truss as head of the British government, an almost namesake receives many messages on Twitter, to which she responds with humor. “Congratulations to @Liztruss who will take over as Prime Minister of the UK.“, Magdalena Andersson, Swedish Prime Minister, tweeted on Monday after the announcement of LizTruss’s victory at the head of the conservative party, in power.

Only, behind this account the future head of the British government is not hiding -her official Twitter account is @trussliz- but a certain Liz Trussel who barely has 100 subscribers and had barely published anything on the social network since 2018 before the avalanche of messages that wrongly identify him, the Internet user decided to respond with humor.

I hope I can visit you soon! Prepare the meatballs“, responded to Magdalena Andersson, who deleted her message before publishing a corrected version identifying the new conservative leader. Caroline Lucas, a Green MP, made the same mistake, criticizing the future prime minister and calling her arrival in Downing Street “disaster“. Realizing the mix-up, the MP posted a second tweet apologizing, “though frankly she (Liz Trussell) would probably do a better job in this role“.”I’m in! Vegas for everyone“, replied the interested one.

While Liz Truss is expected to be in Scotland this afternoon, where she will meet Queen Elizabeth II and officially become the new head of government, Liz Trussel said on Twitter “To be on the waymeet the monarch and havecan’t wait to see the corgis», the queen’s favorite dogs.p

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