Lionsgate wants fans to help create the official Blair Witch game using the Dorian platform

This month of October is considered by Lionsgate as the season of Blair witchas the movie studio takes the horror franchise into a new space that will get everyone involved in the story. The idea sees Lionsgate partner with fiction creation platform Dorian on a project that allows viewers to write and submit fan fiction tracks based on a number of popular Hollywood IPs with the ability to turn them into fully licensed, playable games. on the platform.

The official press release on the exciting project reads: “Dorian, the first no-code platform that enables freelance writers to easily turn their stories into immersive playable video games, has partnered with the world’s leading content company Lionsgate to empower creators. fiction to expand stories. behind some of the most popular franchises in Hollywood. Through this unique partnership, Dorian and Lionsgate will launch official events related to Hollywood’s famous intellectual property, asking creators to write and submit their fan fiction for the opportunity to release playable games licensed by Dorian, opening the door to potential revenue while expanding growth. creator opportunities. The first major franchise to launch the partnership is the iconic Blair witch. »

“Additionally, Dorian’s audience and creators are predominantly women and people of color, underscoring the importance of diversity and inclusion in the designer economy. “

It’s a fun way to move the franchise forward with no new movies currently in the works. From October 15-31, residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and India will be able to submit their stories through the Dorian app for a chance to win a virtual meeting with a movement to Lionsgate Seniors. . Picture Executive, as well as the ability to submit jobs on the site and generate income from them. The only condition is that the story must be based on your official message:

Tourists and terror fanatics gather in Burkittsville, Maryland for 3 days Blair witch themed music festival! Spooky-themed sessions, rituals and scavenger hunts fill the once spooky Black Hills forest. As a successful horror streamer, you think you can challenge just about anything, right? His plan: break the internet by accepting the #SurviveTheWitch challenge. The horrible twist? The festival organizers have something unpleasant for the young influencers present. Will you and your team survive a night in the Black Hills forest … or will you end up broadcasting your own deaths live? “

Those involved hope that this immersive experience can be as terrifying as the original film. As part of the press release, Jenefer Brown, Executive Vice President of Global Live Interactive Entertainment and Location-Based Entertainment at Lionsgate, said: “When we discovered Dorian and the opportunity he offers creators, we realized immediately. Seduced for the idea of ​​working with them.We are always looking for new and inspiring ways to engage with diverse creators and communities, and through the Dorian platform, content creators can explore new avenues to a narrative experience in the universe of. Blair witch. »

This follows an official Blair Witch escape room that opened over the summer. You can find more information about the project on Dorian’s website where you can register to participate in the contest and be part of the Blair witch world. This news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

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