Lifesaving AI is working wonders in the UK

JV Tech News Lifesaving AI is working wonders in the UK

There is constant talk of artificial intelligence. In the United Kingdom, one of them is causing a sensation thanks to its results. And you know what, that last one saves lives!

2023: a crazy new year for artificial intelligence?

you will agree, 2022 has been an extraordinary year for artificial intelligences. Between the ChatGPT phenomenon, the meteoric rise of artistic AIs, and the consequent innovations of technologies embedded in electric cars, one can logically wonder what 2023 will bring us. The developers and engineers behind their AIs certainly still have plenty of ideas. in mind to improve their babies, and yet when you see the prowess of certain AIs, it’s hard to imagine what their evolutions could be like. A Black Mirror future may not be so far from us…

Whether or not we think highly of artificial intelligences, we can all agree that it’s pretty impressive. And it gets even more impressive when they can save lives! In the UK, an Oxford-based company has just succeeded in developing a system to help the medical profession. baptized Brainomix e-Stroke (e-AVC if we translate it literally), this AI is capable of interpreting brain scans accurately and quickly. The UK Department of Health explains that the system allows patients “have the right treatment, in the right place, at the right time”.

AI that achieves impressive results

In the United Kingdom, 85,000 people suffer a stroke every year (font VOA). To give you an idea of ​​the results obtained by Brainomix e-Stroke, the proportion of stroke victims who were able to resume their daily activities increased from 16% to 48% with the help of the system (on a sample of 111,000 cases). But how does this life-saving AI-based technology work?

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Brainomix e-Stroke is actually an AI-assisted imaging platformWhich enables reduce diagnoses by more than an hour and that allows ultra-efficiently choose the most appropriate treatment for the patient have suffered a stroke. Today, the system developed by the company Brainomix it is used in 11 National Health Service (NHS) stroke treatment networks.

Dr. Timothy Ferris, director of transformation for NHS England, explained in a statement that the treatment “has harnessed the power of AI to help expert staff deliver life-changing care. » Our VOA colleagues also point out that the e-Stroke platform is used in more than 330 hospitals around the world. If some still doubted the usefulness of artificial intelligence, this example might well change their minds.

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