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A British Defense Ministry official has been suspended following the leak of data from Afghans who want to be transferred to the UK. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace apologized to the House of Commons on Tuesday, saying he “immediately ordered an investigation into the matter.”

In an email to more than 250 people eligible for the British Afghanistan Relocation and Assistance Policy and residing in Afghanistan, it was found that the recipients were not in the blind carbon copy, but their email address was visible to all recipients . Recipients were advised to delete their email address and create a new one, Wallace said.

Some people whose data has been leaked are hiding from the Taliban after Islamist militants seized power in Afghanistan last month.

The British defense minister promised to help those affected in the House of Commons. “Right now, Undersecretary of Defense James Heappey is in the region talking to neighboring countries to see what else we can do,” Wallance said. “I assure you that we will continue to transfer people to the UK, however many and for as long as it takes.”

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