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The completely renovated Rovc Tech Center opened on September 28, 2021. After the fire on May 22, 2018, the coach saw his chance to rise from the ashes. From now on, Ede’s 15,000 annual students will be able to receive practical training or further training.


Rovc treat the building as a living laboratory. For example, climate technology students can really look behind the scenes with a specially developed BIM application. From the ceiling to an animation through the cold room. Trading is out of the question here, but you can at least see how it works.

On the other hand, in the more than 3000 square meters of floor, there are several real practical configurations. For courses in Hydraulics / Pneumatics, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Automation to Measurement and Control Technology. They can turn on multiple panels in accordance with safety standards, such as Atex security or develop a climate system.

Latest generation Rovc official opening


The TechCenter now acts as a specialized center for Inland climate Netherlands. But the many sponsors who made the reconstruction possible can also use the luxurious facilities.

And the following applies to everything: practical. Thus, on the upper floor are courses in electrical engineering, industrial automation, maintenance and measurement and control technology. There you will see control cabinets, a drive and, for example, IO link material. Under the intensive supervision of teachers, students are challenged to invent and start themselves.. The teacher puts them to work with different colored cables and then checks if they can cope with them.


Topics here range from basic technology to tuning a drive with a frequency converter and from PLC programming to specialized working knowledge of drive components. In addition to theory, the student learns to read diagrams and solve problems.

Much is on wheels, so it can also be done on site. As in the Rotterdam branch, but also in the customer location. In addition to the Ede and Rotterdam locations, the coach also operates in Helmond. There is still an ambition to soon open a branch in Zwolle and Amsterdam. Because yes, the technical staff is scarce and Rovc tries to do what it can.

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