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OF WOOD From the announcement of the founding of Extinction Rebellion Houten in July, membership more than doubled from 5 to 12. The publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in which hundreds of scientists argue that humans are to blame for global warming, will likely drive further growth.

by Agnes Corbeij

Extinction Rebellion is known worldwide as a group of activists who, generally peacefully, draw attention to the consequences of climate change. The group was founded in 2018 in the UK. In the same year, the Dutch branch was also established. More and more local branches are also being convened. Now also in Houten.

BEHAVIOUR In our region, Extinction Rebellion has carried out various actions in recent years, such as the smearing of the Rabobank office in Utrecht, Wild tree plantation in Amersfoort and block traffic in various places. A banner was also hung in the Dom Tower and the Kentucky Fried Chicken branches in Utrecht and Veenendaal were taped with black and yellow tape.

An international action is the Climate Alert. Every first Monday of the month, when the airstrike siren sounds as proof, more and more stations in the Netherlands have Extinction Rebellion activists, holding banners and posters with slogans such as: ‘Climate change = mass murder’ and ‘No defiance the children in this to establish the world. ‘

CLIMATE ALARM It is not yet clear exactly what actions Houten residents can expect. Jetske Goudswaard is one of the five founders. We will see each other for the first time in September. We will also make flags and posters. For example, with information on how many species of insects have already become extinct. “

In any case, the group plans to participate in the Climate Alert once a month. This will happen on the first Monday in October at the earliest. ,, We will probably be in Het Rond, with banners. The moment the alarm goes off, we lie on the ground, like a disaster is happening. ”

DISOBEY In the message about the establishment of the Houten department, reference is made to “civil disobedience”. By this, the group means that permissions for actions will not be requested. Goudswaard: “That way we can draw more attention to the problem.”

Goudswaard still doesn’t know if the Houten group will also puncture buildings, plant trees or shut down traffic. “We still have to look at that as a group. Everyone has to agree. “

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