King Charles removes the controversial foie gras from the palace menu

King Carlos III does not eat the foie gras delicacy. Charles has long been known for his commitment to protecting the environment, and the animal welfare organization Peta now thanks him. − Photo: Russell Cheyne/PA Wire/dpa

King Carlos III does not eat the foie gras delicacy. The monarch has confirmed the ban on foie gras in royal residences, as reported by PETA in London.

This means that the controversial food is not served at Buckingham Palace, at Sandringham in the East of England, at Balmoral in Scotland, at Hillsborough in Northern Ireland or at Windsor near London.

Vegan foie gras for King Charles

As a thank you, animal rights activists sent Charles a gift basket of vegan foie gras. Peta-Britain boss Elisa Allen called for following the king’s lead and removing the item from the menu at Christmas “and beyond”.

Known for his commitment to protecting the environment, Charles has long been an opponent of foie gras. Manufacturing is prohibited in the UK, but not for sale or import.

controversial fattening

Peta has long condemned the stuffing of geese and ducks as cruel, pointing to the fattening of the animals through a tube inserted directly down their throats. Foie gras is a pathologically enlarged fatty liver that is up to ten times larger than the liver of a healthy animal. If we extrapolate the amount of food being force-fed to humans, that would correspond to up to 14 kilograms of pasta per day. The stuffing causes serious side effects in animals: from difficulty breathing and neck injuries to liver bleeding and heart failure. − dpa

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