Irish deal could be a model for Gibraltar –

An agreement between London and Brussels on the Northern Ireland protocol could pave the way for an agreement addressing Gibraltar’s shortage of goods, the peninsula’s prime minister said on Wednesday (24 November).

Chief Minister Fabien Picardo told UK lawmakers in the House of Commons European Affairs Review Committee that Brexit had created new ” administrative burdens What made it difficult to supply British products to supermarkets.

An agreement on the operation of the Northern Ireland Protocol ” can you point us to the resolution that we could adopt in the context of the Gibraltar agreements “he added.

Gibraltar is excluded from the scope of the UK-EU trade and cooperation agreement, and discussions are still ongoing on a treaty that would cover the Rock’s trade relations with the EU.

However, as with Northern Ireland, an agreement was reached to avoid a hard border between Gibraltar and Spain.

Although the Spanish government has used Brexit to assert its longstanding claim to sovereignty over Gibraltar, which lies off its southern coast, Picardo told MPs that ” No Gibraltarian would ever negotiate an agreement relinquishing British sovereignty, jurisdiction or control over Gibraltar. ».

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