iPhone lost and found in a river and it could still turn on after 10 months underwater


Time and time again, we have heard and read stories about how some iPhone devices have survived obstacles. Of fall out of a plane a sink to the bottom of a lake, the last story is another relative of a couple from the United Kingdom (UK).

According to sources, a UK man accidentally dropped his iPhone in a river and thought that was it. Ten months later, a good samaritan named Miguel Pacheco recently discovered the iPhone and had little hope left. However, he dried it with an air compressor and let it dry the next day.



Unexpectedly, the iPhone came back from the dead after being plugged into a charger. It also showed a wallpaper of the couple and the date it fell: August 13, 2021. The man posted the photos on social media, hoping to find the owner and, would you know not, actually? reached the man and was successfully returned.

From its appearance, the device resembles an iPhone X or iPhone XS based on the notch design and dual rear cameras. For those unaware, both iPhone models feature an IP68 water and dust resistance rating that can last up to 30 minutes underwater (up to 1.5m). We don’t know how deep the river was, but it’s surprising that it can still be used after being submerged underwater for 10 months.


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