iOS 16.1: Sport is invited to the dynamic island and on the lock screen

Following a live match score without opening a particular app is possible on the iPhone. A Username managed to upload the score of a Premier League soccer match on Dynamic Island on his iPhone 14 Pro. A long press on it shows additional information: team names, game time and last play. This tracking also appears in Live Activities, that is, new dynamic notifications on the lock screen.

Photos @jaquia

To take advantage of these live results, you must meet several conditions: have an iPhone with iOS 16.1 (this is the version that launches Live Activities) and be in a country where Apple has implemented its sports services, which is unfortunately not the case in France.

Live scores are available for baseball games in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea. They also support NBA and Premier League games in the US and Canada. To take advantage of it, you have to go to the Sports section of the Apple TV app and press the “Follow” button of the compatible match.

If this first case refers to the live activities of the Apple TV application, third-party developers will have the possibility to offer the same type of integration with their application. We hope that my channel Where Flash Score seize the ball on the jump.

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