Inside Dubai, fans say they prefer to vacation in Slough after the show reveals horrifying ‘real’ conditions

INSIDE Dubai fans have said they prefer to vacation in Slough after the show revealed horrible “real” conditions.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to complain about the working conditions and lifestyle depicted in the BBC2 documentary on the Middle East’s super-rich.

All the fans were saying the same thing about Inside Dubai: Playground of the RichCredit: BBC


They said they preferred to go on vacation to Slough and compared the show to The Office.

Fans weren’t impressed with the conditions after watching Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich and poked fun at real estate agents comparing them to The Office’s David Brent, as well as the obscene levels of glut shown.

One of them tweeted: “Honestly, I’d rather go on vacation to Slough. “

Another said: “What an enlightening vision. I really don’t think I’m going there anytime soon. It does not attract at all. “

A third commented on a luxury property that had just been sold: “Did I miss something? Incredible view?!? It is a tall monstrosity. “

A fourth said: “This office really looks like a cheap call center in Slough. Totally heartless #InsideDubai. “

A fifth said: “There is literally nothing in Dubai that attracts me to visit. “

Another fan said: “This is where everyone wants to be. Yes but not me. “

Meanwhile, during the episode, fans were furious after British Mark decided to leave his family in the UK to accept a job offer in Dubai.

She made the heartbreaking decision after swallowing tears while speaking to her children on a video call.

One of them said: “Money or my children? Poor kids. “

Another said, “Oh no, we sold him the dream. I’m not sure it ends well. “

A third chimed in: “So Mark chose money over parenting in his children’s lives. Stella has the right of way there, mate. ”

Meanwhile, a fan sympathized with him, saying, “I can’t blame Mark for making the decision to support his family. “

Fans took to Twitter after watching the lavish show.


Fans took to Twitter after watching the lavish show.Credit: BBC
The final part will air next week on BBC2


The final part will air next week on BBC2

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