Indica Labs and Hamamatsu Photonics KK Announce Collaboration to Deliver Optimized Integrated Workflows in Digital Pathology

Indica Labs and Hamamatsu Photonics KK announced an agreement to maintain long-term interoperability between Indica Lab’s HALO AP® software platform and Hamamatsu’s family of high-speed, high-resolution NanoZoomer scanners. Indica Lab’s HALO AP® software brings case-centric digital pathology slide management, collaboration, and AI-driven quantitative image analysis to anatomical pathology laboratories worldwide. In keeping with the Indica Lab ethos of an accessible and open pathology ecosystem, HALO AP is scanner-independent and integrates with a variety of third-party software applications, including AI solutions and LIS/LIMS platforms, using flexible APIs and easy to use. and software development kit (SDK).

Hamamatsu brings more than 60 years of photonics engineering to the development of NanoZoomer scanners, resulting in instruments renowned for their image quality, reliability, and ease of use. Combined with Hamamatsu’s commitment to customer service, Hamamatsu users benefit from the best combination of solid performance and personalized support. As labs embrace digital solutions, the challenge for lab managers is to integrate a combination of hardware and software and achieve maximum efficiency.

This collaboration between Indica Labs and Hamamatsu simplifies this process. The technical collaboration between Hamamatsu and Indica Labs will facilitate Indica Labs’ approach to regulatory clearances using the HALO AP system in conjunction with the NanoZoomer S360® for primary diagnostics. Ongoing technical performance evaluations to verify that the Hamamatsu image format displays correctly in all Indica Labs viewers ensures the continued interoperability of Indica and Hamamatsu products and will help drive the adoption of these technologies within the Indica Labs community. pathology.

The relationship between Indica Labs and Hamamatsu has won major digital pathology tenders in the UK, including the Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust. NUH is the third largest NHS Trust in the UK, serving over 2.5 million patients and generating 340,000 pathology slides a year. The goal of implementing NUH is the complete digitization of the pathology workflow.

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