Increasingly isolated, Boris Johnson fights for his political survival

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Boris Johnson was determined on Wednesday to “continue” in his position as British Prime Minister. His authority is more weakened than ever after an avalanche of resignations in 24 hours and a succession of scandals in recent months.

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  • 1.10am: The Attorney General for England and Wales wants to run for Leader of the Conservative Party

The Attorney General for England and Wales, Suella Braverman, called for Boris Johnson’s resignation on Wednesday night, before announcing that she wanted to succeed him as leader of the Conservative Party.

“I think the time has come for the prime minister to resign,” Suella Braverman told British television channel ITV. She said that she didn’t want to give up her position. “If there is an election for the leadership (of the party), I will present my candidacy,” she said.

“I love this country. It has given me incredible opportunities. I owe this country a debt of gratitude, and serving as prime minister would be the greatest of honours, so yes, I will try.”

  • 00:24: about forty exits

On Wednesday night, the number of departures rose to forty, including the minister responsible for Wales, Simon Hart.

  • 22:49: Boris Johnson fires one of his ministers

The British prime minister sacked his housing minister, Michael Gove, on Wednesday night, an adviser to Boris Johnson announced. “He has fired Michael Gove,” said James Duddridge on Sky News, assuring that the prime minister is “in good spirits and will fight”.

The move occurs as reported, according to the bbcwho was among several ministers who urged Boris Johnson to resign.

  • 9.56pm: Boris Johnson still refuses to resign despite calls from ministers to do so

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson persisted Wednesday night in his refusal to resign despite calls to do so from his own ministers, according to British media.

Surrounded by scandals, Boris Johnson received, at the end of the day, a delegation of his ministers, including, in particular, certain faithful who tried to persuade him to leave his post when the situation had become untenable. But he replied that he wanted to stay to devote himself to “the most important problems” facing the country.

  • 18:31: The 1922 committee will organize an election of its executive on any change in the vote of confidence rule

The Conservative Party’s 1922 committee will hold an election for its executive before deciding whether to change the rules to promote a vote of confidence in Boris Johnson, three Conservative lawmakers told Reuters.

This committee, which establishes the rules that govern when the party can make a vote of confidence in its leaders, decided to organize the election of a new executive on Monday. That new executive will then decide whether to change the rules to advance such a vote, which currently can’t take place until 2023, lawmakers said.

  • 18:04: a delegation of ministers will ask for the resignation of Boris Johnson

A delegation of British ministers, including several government heavyweights, is preparing to call for Boris Johnson to resign. according to several British media.

Asked about it during a hearing before the heads of parliamentary committees, Boris Johnson replied that he was not going to “comment on political events live.” “We will continue with the government of this country,” he said.

  • 17:19: Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid… Who can replace Boris Johnson in case of departure?

Even if Boris Johnson clings to power, his position seems increasingly weakened in Downing Street. And various names are circulating to replace him should he step down as prime minister, notably resigning ministers Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid.

  • 4:26 pm: Boris Johnson rules out snap general election

The British prime minister has ruled out calling an early general election, amid calls for his resignation and defections from his government.

“I really don’t think anyone in this country wants politicians to take part in elections now,” Boris Johnson told parliamentary committee heads. “I believe we must continue to serve our constituents and address issues that matter to them.”

  • 15:15: Boris Johnson’s “colossal mandate” gives him a duty to “carry on”

Weakened by a cascade of resignations within his government, Boris Johnson was nonetheless combative during the weekly Prime Minister’s Question Session. He defended the government’s action against him in front of parliamentarians, some of whom laughed in his face.

Ignoring calls to leave, Boris Johnson, by contrast, claimed that the “colossal mandate” he had been given by voters in 2019 gave him a duty to “carry on”.

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