Inactivated vaccine: Novavax submits a completed application for approval

In fact, Novavax had planned to submit the full application for approval in the third quarter. The company is now starting the approval process a bit late. After reviewing and checking the documents, nothing stands in the way of approval in the EU. Novavax’s plan is for the vaccine to be approved as the first killed vaccine in the EU this year. However, the start of vaccinations now, in all probability, will be postponed until 2022.

A killed vaccine is a whole virus vaccine that contains entire inactivated pathogens or parts of them. These dead components can no longer multiply and therefore do not trigger the disease. The immune system is still activated so that antibodies can form.

First vaccine killed shortly before approval

The NVX-CoV2373 candidate vaccine is a genetically modified virus antigen killed vaccine using nanoparticle technology. A saponin-based adjuvant is said to increase efficacy. Even if Novavax has only now been able to submit all the complete data, the EMA has been reviewing the candidate vaccine NVX-CoV2372 since February as part of an ongoing review process.

The principle of action of the Novavax vaccine is based on the direct administration of artificially produced virus surface proteins. Therefore, the spike protein is administered directly during immunization and does not have to accumulate in the cell. Many citizens look forward to this vaccine because it is based on a technology that has been proven for a long time. It can be roughly assigned to vaccine subunits.

Covavax available in Indonesia

Novavax has already submitted a full application for preliminary approval in Australia and the UK. In Indonesia, the vaccine can be inoculated from this week. The vaccine is available there under the name Covavax. The vaccine is stored at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees; no flash or normal freezing is necessary. One vial contains 10 cans. These can be sprayed directly; no further dilution is necessary. The vaccination regimen consists of two injections of 0.5 ml each 21 days apart.

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