In UK, Crown spies accused of talking too much on LinkedIn

Occupation: spy. Therefore, it is better to be discreet on social networks, without showing off your professional successes. In the UK, however, this is what many agents do. According to a survey conducted by the daily mailsome leave traces of their activities on their LinkedIn profile.

The newspaper reports that 1,242 spies are accused of serving up compromising information about their missions to Russian and Chinese hackers on a silver platter. Regarding the LinkedIn profiles in question: addresses, telephone numbers, public posts… Agents are especially criticized for indicating in their profile the level of confidential information to which they have access.

Among the users identified by the daily mail, pilots, engineers, experts working with intelligence agencies and even NATO. All of them, requested by the armies or high political institutions to intervene in conflict zones. the Email he identified in particular “14 members of the British Ministry of Defense unit who work around the clock to provide the Ukrainian military with real-time updates on the invasion of Russia. »

According to the teacher antonio joyintelligence expert contacted by the EmailLinkedIn is “one of the most serious threats to national security right now.”

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