In the UK, youth divided over the idea of ​​the monarchy

Carlos III greets the crowd on September 13. Niall Carson / POOL / AFP

Behind the façade of unity in a country in mourning, a fracture over adherence to the monarchy has been taking shape for several years.

In London

Long live the REPUBLIC!“. When King Charles III went to the Palace of Westminster to receive condolences from British parliamentarians, a handful of dissonant voices rose from the crowd that had come to cheer the new monarch.

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, London is in mourning and an entire country has been giving thanks, night and day, to the deceased sovereign who has gone through history guaranteeing the stability and unity of the kingdom. And yet, behind this rain of tributes, behind the honors of majestic protocols, behind the sadness and gratitude of the thousands of subjects who converge in the capital, British royalty is no longer unanimous.

Monarchy is absolute nonsense, who can believe that one can be born to rule?asks Sandy, who came with his wife to show signs on the king’s road. “This transition is a perfect opportunity to change“, he considers, and adds that the death of the queen did not move him…

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