In the UK, Toyota and Lexus sell directly on Amazon

The Toyota Group has just opened an official online store on Amazon in the UK. You can find everything there, including the tires!

Selling online is more than ever one of the great areas of work for car manufacturers, some of which take the concept to the extreme with the possibility of ordering a vehicle from their office. But without going too far, the large groups have been clear that the potential of digital is great, at a time when dealers are raising the question of profitability. In 2016, Seat already put some vehicle models on sale directly on Amazon, and today, it is the Toyota group that decides to open a store on the famous American platform.

Everything except the cars.

For now, the catalog is not huge yet, but it is still interesting. In particular, it is possible to buy most of the official tires. Toyota or Lexus models online are rare enough to notice. In France, to have access to this type of parts you have to go through a dealer on the official circuit.

Ultimately, the online offer will include mechanical parts such as consumables (brake pads, filters, etc.). Parts will also be offered for the GR sports models (Supra, Yaris and 86). in what could be compared to a particularly interesting huge virtual awning, although it is not always easy to find original parts.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it is not possible to order from the UK Toyota or Lexus store with a French or Monegasque postal address. We contacted Toyota to try to find out if this official store could see the light of day in France, but at the moment there is no answer.

Published in 01/13/2022 Updated 01/13/2022

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