In the UK, this app allows you to report speeders

Using AI, the Speedcam Anywhere smartphone app can estimate a car’s speed from a single snapshot. Useful for reporting an excess to the police according to its publisher. This application, usable by anyone, is currently being discussed in the UK, where it is being proposed.

civic duty? Computer-assisted reporting? In any case, this news requestrequest developed by Silicon Valley companies and British academics is making headlines across the Channel. She is called speed camera anywhere and allows anyone to anonymously turn in any excess to the police speedspeed of the drivers. In other words, the mobile radar is the user. It is through the mobile camera of a passerby that an AI can detect the speed of a vehicle. At the moment, the creators of the application are flooded with reviews. antagonistsantagonists from the public, to the point that its spokesman spoke on condition of anonymity when interviewed by The Guardian.

Slowdown in app stores

Some see it as an excellent idea to increase security, others the establishment of a general surveillance state. Even on the app store side, this is not easy. Initially, Google rejected the application in its Play Store, arguing that a AIAI by itself it could not correctly read the speed of a vehicle. A claim that ultimately turned out to be false. At Apple, the app has not yet been approved, without the publisher giving any reason. Finally, on the side of the British police authorities, the algorithm has not yet been validated by the ministry. It must be said that it is still difficult to legally see a speed camera there.

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