“I left everything to go live abroad” 1/4

Who hasn’t looked at the windows of vacation real estate agencies and dreamed of leaving everything to settle permanently in their vacation spot?

Currently, around 4.5 million Britons are considering moving abroad, and the possibility of a better quality of life, away from inflation and low wages, attracts more and more people. According to a new study by Totaljobs, more than 3.4 million British employees have long-term plans to live abroad, while 3% of them plan to settle elsewhere in one or two years.

Falling in love with a place while traveling is often the first step in changing your life, says Michael Brein, author and speaker on the psychology of travel. “When we travel, we are more open-minded, more receptive to novelty. It’s easier to make new friends and you’re more prepared to adapt to a new culture.” he explains. In other words, it’s easier “to get acquainted with the novelty only if you are at home, stuck in your routine.”

The disruptions caused by the pandemic and the rise of remote work have also changed mindsets. One in ten employees in the UK have already adopted telecommuting away from home, and the same number say they are ready to become mobile workers, even if the pay is lower, according to the Totaljobs report. Only in April, Google searches for the phrase “transfer abroad” blew up 1000%.

But moving abroad isn’t always fun. Once the enthusiasm of the beginnings has worn off – when the need to find work, schools and settle the administrative paperwork takes over – some expatriates begin to have doubts. Away from their friends and the comfort of home, and with little command of the language, they sometimes harbor painful regrets.

But for those who succeed in their expatriation, Michael Brein assures that the possibility of creating stronger bonds than those that are woven in the country of origin is very real. “Friendships between foreigners from another country and people of another nationality are even more interesting.” Meeting people from different social and cultural backgrounds in a completely new place creates bonds. “more intense, [car] requires more investment. And then these relationships are even more valuable.”

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