How are next-gen consoles dealing with shortages as Christmas approaches?

The latest consoles from Microsoft and Sony are still in short supply more than a year after their launch. Resellers are constantly selling out And when the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X go on sale, they usually come out in minutes, frustrating consumers.

Beyond significant demand, manufacturers are also facing the consequences of the health crisis, in particular a shortage of semiconductors. essential for game consoles. As Christmas approaches, manufacturers are looking for ways to supply as many players as possible.

Sony, the father of PlayStation consoles, announced on November 8 the upcoming arrival of a official online store in France. Now available in the US, UK and Germany, the store allows consumers to sign up buy the latest console direct from the manufacturer, without going through a third party. They will then be notified when a new batch arrives and then placed in a virtual queue, before they can purchase the PlayStation 5.

Diversifying your production chain, Microsoft’s solution

Like its main competitor, Microsoft wants its latest console, the Xbox Series X, to end up on Santa’s hood. But like Sony, Bill Gates’ company suffers from a semiconductor shortage. So for a year some consoles have been on sale, but not enough to meet demand. Faced with this problem, Xbox boss Phil Spencer believes he has found the solution. diversify production sites.

“Supply chain diversification is something we’ve really looked at at Microsoft and Xbox and made some decisions with our supply chain partners for us. ensure that no global situation can block supply as much as it has done for us in the last 18 months ”, he declared to our colleagues from Bloomberg, before adding that Microsoft will invest to get “manufacturing in different places”.

“We have to be in a position where we continue to deliver products to customers. It is my responsibility,” continues Phil Spencer, “I have no right to use the supply chain as an excuse for the long term.”

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