Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger escapes from Oktoberfest

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a recurring guest at Oktoberfest for years.Image: dpa / Felix Hörhager


Vera Siebnich

The first full week of Oktoberfest is coming to an end and it already had a lot to offer. International stars and young German stars came to the Oktoberfest to perform, and Prince Albert of Monaco was even a royal.

Heidi Klum recently announced that she would like to visit the festival sometime, but she probably won’t be able to schedule it this year. Another German-speaking celebrity, who in the US is a real megastar, has been attending Oktoberfest for years..

This year, Arnold Schwarzenegger also visited Oktoberfest. In the past, the actor had repeatedly caused a stir with a particularly strange action at the folk festival. But that didn’t happen this time.

Oktoberfest: No Schwarzenegger cult appearance

For Arnold Schwarzenegger, attending Oktoberfest is a tradition. This year he was again accompanied by actor Ralf Moeller, along with his partner Heather Milligan. The three of them visited Marstall’s store together. Schwarzenegger had opted for leather pants, his partner was wearing a dirndl, writes the Munich newspaper “evening news“.

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However, the guests in the tent waited in vain for a performance that has already become a tradition. In recent years, Schwarzenegger has often gotten carried away with small shows.

He led the band on the marquee while they played. The actor clearly enjoyed his role as the ensemble’s pacesetter; Videos of previous performances show how much fun he has during the performance.

But the concert under special direction was canceled this year. As the Abendzeitung newspaper reports, Schwarzenegger had a Viennese schnitzel in the festival tent this year, but then it ran out. It is said that he returned to the hotel with his companion at around 8:00 p.m. The couple secretly left the store through a back entrance. An early departure without the typical show.

September 21, 2023, Bavaria, Munich: Marstall store owner Siegfried Able (lr), actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his girlfriend Heather Milligan leave the Marstall store.  Find the 188th Oktoberfest...

Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Oktoberfest with his partner.Image: dpa / Felix Hörhager

More visits to the Oktoberfest are possible

So anyone who was eagerly awaiting new videos of a Hollywood star directing on the marquee will be left in the lurch for the time being. But it doesn’t necessarily have to stay that way.

According to media reports, Schwarzenegger plans to spend a few more days in Munich. Another visit to Oktoberfest is definitely possible. It is very possible that he will agree to take up the baton in the coming days. However, he would probably have to stay on the marquee a little longer.

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