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Rearview sunglasses – new version

| Photo: HindSight

01/24/2023 | What’s going on behind you is often a matter of survival, especially on a bike. But so far, evolution hasn’t given people eyes in the back of their necks, so riders are only left with the moderately useful option of attaching small rear-view mirrors to the ends of the handlebars.

Last spring, three Scotsmen took on the problem: physicist Alex Macdonald, optical engineer Bob Henderson and Olympic track and field champion Callum Skinner. They have developed “HindSight”, a pair of two-piece angled lens goggles with semi-transparent mirrors that allow cyclists to see both forward and rear with a simple change of focus.

Yesterday “HindSight” has the v2introduced version two of its mirrored sunglasses, with two new elegant models, sagebrush Y Morpheus. The development was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, which was 1100% over target and is based on the v2-Models a design process that works with feedback from V1-The client was carried out.

The two new sunglasses have improved optical systems, new coatings and significantly improved performance of the underlying technology, such as a now perfect lens angle. Both versions are available in three lens colors (red, blue, black) and three frame colors (black, transparent, tortoiseshell).

| Photo: HindSight

New to the range are separately available ‘night glasses’, optimized for viewing in headlamps at night; they can be easily switched in and out of the frames.

The proximity of angled mirrored lenses to the eye allows wearers to see a far greater portion of what is happening behind them than with any other product currently available. Both versions of the new sunglasses are online at the Retrospective StoreAvailable at Selfridges and SmarTech.

Alexander Macdonald, Founder and CEO of HindSight: “With our unique technology, you can see what’s coming at you from behind without turning around, so you can always take the correct position on the road.”

Callum Skinner, co-founder of HindSight: “The introduction of these new models is an important step in the journey of Hindsight comprehension. Every other road user has rear view mirrors, and we think cyclists should have an option that works and looks good too.”

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Hindsight comprehension
5 South Charlotte Street
Edinburgh, EH2 4AN

Email: info@hindsight.store
Internet: hindsight.store

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