Here are the 17 funniest animal photos of 2021

On Wednesday, December 7, the jury of the “Comedy Pet Photo Awards” announced the winners of the 2021 edition of this global pet photography contest. Get ready to smile, laugh or laugh out loud as you discover hilarious photos of the winners.

Created by Britons Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam in 2020, this contest celebrates our pets and rewards the photos that are funniest. Their aim is to raise awareness of animal welfare and raise funds for ‘Animal Support Angels’, an independent UK animal welfare charity in the UK.

For the 2021 edition of ” Comedy Pet Photography Awards »40 finalists were selected in October from more than 2,000 applications from professional and amateur photographers around the world. Here are all the winners of the different categories of photographs of the contest, and those who were congratulated by the jury. Note that there is also a Video category that awarded this year, that of the British Allegra Loch.

BIG WINNER of all “Whiz Pop” categories


Taken by the British Zoe Ross, this photo titled “Whiz Pop” was awarded the first prize in all categories of the contest. Thanks to the hilarious shot of Pepper, her black Lab puppy playing with soap bubbles in the garden, the young English woman pocketed the sum of 2,000 pounds, about 2,350 euros. However, he indicated that he would donate much of this money to the “Animal Support Angels” association.

WINNER dog category


Originally from North Carolina, American Carmen Cromer is the winner of this category with “Jurassic Bark.” He explained the pun on the title as follows: “My golden retriever, Clementine, loves to have fun opening his mouth in front of the hose while I water the plants. His expression in this photo reminded me of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, hence the title, Jurassic Bark. “


2.cat_winner _-_ kathryn_trott_photobomb_copy-taille640_61b075ef2272a.jpg

Welsh Kathryn Trott’s ‘Photobomb’ is the funniest winning photo with cats. The owner of these two cats said in the caption: “Jeff steals the show from his brother Jaffa.” We discover to our amazement that the practice of getting stuck in a photo accidentally or more often intentionally to spoil the shot is not reserved for the human species.



American Mary Ellis was awarded for “I said” Good morning. “She took this comical photo at Platte River State Park, located in Nebraska, on one of her regular visits to the stables. While greeting one of the equines present, she received this cheerful reply.

winning category other animals


Titled “The Eureka Moment,” this photo of two chicks showing their shadows was chosen as the winner in the “Other Animals” category. It is the work of Sophie Bonnefoi. Commenting on her award-winning image, the Oxford, England resident said: “Cutie and Speedy are two chicks, hatched from eggs placed in a home incubator in August 2020. They spent their first weeks indoors. In the photo, they are just over 2 weeks old. They were curious about everything. This is the day they discovered their own shadow. It was fun watching them marvel and explore this “dark thing” that moved with them! “

junior category winner


Winner of the Junior category of the contest, the young Californian Suzi Lonegarn won this award with a photo of her Labrador named Beau.

winning category animal resembling its master

7._owners_who_ look_like_their_pet_winner _-_ jakub_gojda_that-was-a-good-one_copy-taille640_61b076b5bafb9.jpg

Czech photographer Jakub Gojda won this award with a photo taken at random. “This photo was taken by accident one day when my ex-girlfriend was posing with her beloved mare. For this moment of joy, I thank the fly that landed on the horse’s nostrils, forcing the animal to instinctively shake its head to get rid of it. So it seems that the humor between a horse and a woman does exist ”, he explained.

WINNERS Congratulated by the jury

Funny, burlesque or hilarious, the following 10 photos were not awarded in one of the eight existing categories, but they caught the attention of the jury who wanted to distinguish them by sending them their congratulations.

highly_commended _-_ chloe_beck_hugo-the-photobomber-taille640_61b0bef78dbd4.jpg

“Hugo the Photobomber” by English Chloe Beck who lives in the Midlands, in Walsall. “This is my best friend Faith and her husband Alex… and their cheeky dog ​​Hugo. Faith wanted a keepsake photo to celebrate her first outing after being homebound for 14 months. But Hugo jumped into the frame at the right time! This confined dog is still not used to the excitement of being with new people, ”he said.

highly_commended _-_ diana_jill_mehner_crazy_in_love_with_fall_copy-taille640_61b0c26e330b4.jpg

“Crazy in Love with Fall” by German director Diana Jill Mehner. “This is Leia. As you can see, she loves to play with the leaves in the fall. It was difficult for me to take this photo because my dog ​​is just unpredictable, ”he said.

highly_commended _-_ lucy-slater_so-what_copy-taille640_61b0c2b2d00f4.jpg

“So what? By American Lucy Slater who lives in San Diego. Her photo caption reads:” Vincent the cat … That’s how I like to sit. “

highly_commended _-_ christine_johnson_boing_copy-taille640_61b0c4de75b50.jpg

“Boing” by the English Christine Johnson, photo taken in Crosby Beach. “I was busy playing with my dog ​​on the beach when this dog joined our game. I loved the tricks he did as he leapt into the air,” she told Comedy Pet Photo. Awards.


“Wine Time” by the British Kathryn Clark. “It’s that time of day again! Little Blue appreciates it almost as much as I do 🙂 ”, said this epicurean and lover of good wine.

highly_commended _-_ corey_seeman_a_warm_spot_on_a_cold_day_copy-taille640_61b0c90438fcc.jpg

“A warm place on a cold day” by American Corey Seeman. “Gary and Kona are regulars at the dog park in the morning. Gary, naturally cold, found the only warm place to sit on a winter’s day in February 2021, ”says this Michigan resident.

highly_commended _-_ mollie-cheary_photo-bomb_copy-taille640_61b0caa83fffb.jpg

“Photobomb” by Mollie Cheary of Poole, England. “Bailey was so excited to see her friends that she couldn’t sit still to hold the pose!” “, she said.

highly_commended _-_ luke_obrien-muttford_and_chum_copy-taille640_61b0c21fb0458.jpg

“Muttford and Chum” by Luke O’Brien, a Coventry-based musician. “While I was no longer able to perform with my group during confinement, my dog ​​Flint quickly made it clear to me that we also had common passions, such as a love of music. This photo is proof of that. We even created our own musical duo ‘Muttford and Chum’ at home, ”he said.

highly_commended _-_ manel_subirats_ferrer_ostrich_style_copy-taille640_61b0cee7819d4.jpg

“Ostrich style” by the Catalan photographer Manel Subirats Ferrer. He added the following caption: “Little Nuka playing hide and seek one day at the beach.”

highly_commended _-_ colin_doyle_nosy_neighbour_copy-taille640_61b0d09fe28f4.jpg

“Nosy Neighbor” by Colin Doyle based in Bromsgrove, England. “According to Ozzy, we quickly need a new wooden board for our fence. He’s sick of our curious neighbor Chester spying on him every time he sits down to dinner, ”he said.

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