hectic soccer game, baby milk shortage and royal party

Soccer: Things got hot at the Stade de France

The police (in black, with helmets) intervened to disperse the crowd of supporters. (© T.Coex/AFP)

On May 28, the Stade de France, near Paris, hosted champions league final of football. Violent incidents occurred around the stadium before kick-off. Since supporters were found trapped outside, others forced their way in, while the police tried disperse the crowd with gases that make you cough and cry. An investigation is underway to understand the reasons for this poor organization.

infant milk powder
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Powdered milk for American babies

In the United States, for three months, it is very difficult to find powdered milk for bottles Especially since the closure of a large factory, which single-handedly produced much of America’s powdered milk. This situation worries families, since powdered milk is the only way to feed babies who are not breastfed by their mothers.

The country’s authorities decided, as a matter of urgency, bring by plane powdered milk produced in Europe. 1Ahem June, The President Of The United States, Joe Bidenannounced that new planes full of milk cans were coming to the United States.

The Queen of England celebrates 70 years of reign

It’s been 70 years sinceIsabel II she became queen of England. It is the longest reign in the history of the United Kingdom! On June 2, a grand parade was held in honor of the Queen. Elizabeth II, 96, waved to the crowd from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, London. The festivities are planned throughout the weekend, with a horse race, a giant concert and picnics across the country. The British are even entitled to a special holiday to enjoy the party!

Queen of England Elizabeth II
On June 2, the Queen (centre) kicked off the festivities by waving to the crowd, surrounded by her family. (© D. Leal/AFP)

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