Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II has died

Status: 08.09.2022 21:30

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has died and her son Charles is now king. The 96-year-old man’s health had deteriorated in recent months.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has died at the age of 96. This was announced by Buckingham Palace. His successor to the throne is Prince Charles. “The queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon,” the palace said. The new King Carlos III. He and his wife were said to stay at Balmoral Castle in Scotland for the night and return to London on Friday.

The palace said earlier that the queen’s doctors were “concerned” about her health and had recommended medical follow-up. Their four children and their grandchildren then ran to Balmoral Castle.

Just yesterday, Elizabeth II had to cancel her participation in a virtual meeting of her Private Council. The day before she had received Boris Johnson for the first time, who had presented her resignation, and immediately then Liz Truss, who appointed her the new prime minister. Contrary to tradition, this did not take place at Buckingham Palace, but at Balmoral Castle, which the Queen did not want to leave for the ceremony for health reasons. A spokesman said it was a full day.

Health problems for a long time.

Elizabeth II had suffered from health problems for a long time and had greatly reduced the number of her public appearances. In the past year, her son Charles has represented her more and more often. He first replaced her at the opening of Parliament in May and read the government program for the next session in her place.

Also at the four-day celebrations in June for his 70th throne anniversary. The Queen showed off her tens of thousands of supporters only twice briefly on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. In all public appearances, however, he was always smiling and in a good mood.

On the throne since February 1952, Elizabeth was the longest-serving British monarch, and by far the longest-serving monarch of the current reign.

Carlos: the moment of the Queen’s death is “the greatest sadness”

The new King Charles of Great Britain was devastated by the death of his mother. “We are in deep mourning for the loss of a beloved sovereign and a much loved mother,” Charles said. He added: “I know his loss deeply affects the entire country.” This also applies to your government and Commonwealth areas, and to people all over the world. Carlos automatically became the new king after the death of his mother.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss described the queen’s death as a “shock to the nation”. Elizabeth II was “loved and admired around the world,” Truss said in a brief statement outside her Downing Street office in London. The 47-year-old had been appointed Prime Minister by the Queen at Balmoral Castle just two days earlier. The photo of the queen holding out her hand on a stick went around the world.

In London, Buckingham Palace officials posted the official announcement of the Queen’s death on the palace gate. Hundreds of people had gathered outside the Queen’s official London residence before the announcement. Many sang the national anthem and burst into tears as the flag was lowered to half mast.

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