Good resolutions: why they are so difficult to fulfill

How to do ? it’s quite simple Set yourself simple goals to achieve and ideally, set yourself a single goal that should make sense and correspond to our day to day. Don’t set the bar too high, if you don’t feel it, and above all, give yourself time, because it will require effort and personal involvement. Basically, do you want to return to the sport? Do it little by little, use the stairs instead of the elevator, go to work by bicycle instead of by car, for example. If you attempt a half marathon on January 2, you will have a good chance of failing and therefore telling yourself that you are not capable of doing it.

Do you want to go on a diet or reduce your chocolate intake? She’s already set a goal of half sugar in coffee and a piece of chocolate a day instead of giving it all up overnight, at the risk of diving back in and swallowing a whole tablet the first weekend.

You can also keep a small log book, in which you will record your daily progress. This will allow you to visualize your efforts and the pride will be even greater, because you will be able to really quantify them. Take into account, for example, the number of kilometers walked during the day and do the calculation at the end of the week. Remember, finally, that the best way to fulfill our commitments and our purposes is to find a minimum of satisfaction… and why not pleasure.

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