“GNTM” winner Vivien with clear clarification after a question about modeling jobs

Vivien Blotzki won “GNTM” in 2023.Image: IMAGO Images/Future Image


September 25, 2023, 11:02 amSeptember 25, 2023, 11:03

Janna Eiserbeck

Whoever wins “Germany’s Next Top Model” is not necessarily successful in the modeling business. It is often the second or third place winners who start out as models, while the winners tend to pursue a different career path. Current “GNTM” winner Vivien Blotzki now offers an explanation.

Vivien emerged as the winner of Heidi Klum’s fashion show in June 2023. She beat out, among others, Somajia Ali and Olivia Therese Hounkpati. The plus-size model has been traveling ever since. She also landed a job at Berlin Fashion Week, but misses big jobs on global catwalks. This does not seem to have gone unnoticed by some of her followers. In a Q&A session, she openly explained why she’s (still) short on big modeling gigs.

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Vivien Blotzki explains the situation after the victory of “GNTM”

In a Q&A on Instagram, someone wanted to know if she had done a lot of modeling since “GNTM” or if she worked primarily as an influencer. Her clear answer should clear things up.

“I came out of the program with artist management and not a modeling agency.” she explains. “This means that the focus is more on social media these days,” she explains, as her agency is “working intensively in that direction.”

Vivien Blotzki

Vivien Blotzki answers questions from her followers on Instagram.Image: instagram / vivienblt

The winner of “GNTM” does not have a modeling agency

However, what is particularly interesting is what Vivien also revealed in her response: She still hasn’t found a “suitable modeling agency” for her. However, once he finds this, “the goal is to do more modeling work,” she clarifies.

Vivien Blotzki

Vivien knows that the modeling business is difficult without followers.Image: instagram / vivienblt

Although it seems like Vivien would like to land more big modeling jobs, she apparently has no problem being an influencer. For her, the two jobs even go hand in hand, as her community lets her know.

Why followers are important for a model

“I think it’s harder to be successful without reach these days,” he tells his fans. At least that’s what their experiences would show.. “From what I have observed, they go hand in hand”She is convinced and takes the opportunity to illustrate once again how modeling has changed in her eyes in recent years.

“Models are no longer just frames that serve as coat racks. Models are much more than that. “That’s why people like to hire personalities who have something to say and who reach a lot of people,” explains Vivien.

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