Glasgow Apple Store workers first in UK to unionise, calling it ‘historic moment’

As organizing efforts continue around the world at Apple Stores, a remarkable moment has occurred in Scotland. The Glasgow Apple Store has become the first place in the UK where a majority of employees vote for union membership.

Last month, Apple filed a lawsuit against the US Labor Board in New York, and the second-largest retailer in the US voted to unionize, this time in Oklahoma.

As The Herald reported, now the first Apple Store in the UK to officially begin the unionization process is the Glasgow site.

In what union representatives have called a “historic moment”, the US tech giant’s Buchanan Street Glasgow branch will now unionize after workers overwhelmingly voted to be represented by GMB Scotland. »

Following negotiations, Apple reportedly acknowledged the survey “after many of its Glasgow employees joined GMB”.

Exact figures were not shared, but GMB organizer John Slaven called the vote “staggering in terms of the size of the majority” that voted for the union.

What are they asking?

Workers at Apple Glasgow say a priority moving forward as a union will be a pay rise from the current rate of £12 an hour.

apple’s answer

In response to the unionization and the demand for a pay raise, an Apple spokesperson shared the following with The Herald:

“We have a long-standing commitment to providing a great experience for our customers and our teams.

Apple is one of the highest earning retailers in Scotland and we have regularly updated our state of the art benefits as part of the overall support we provide to our valued team members.

And then?

The Herald also reports that Apple employees elsewhere in the UK are looking into the unionization process and that other Scottish Apple employees hope to join the GMB union.

We’ll also be keeping up with Apple Store organizing efforts around the world.

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