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Pokémon fans have long known that in some parts of the world the distribution of an iridescent Zamazenta and an iridescent Zacian to Pokémon sword and shield has started. Now we finally know how you can get the coveted Pokémon in this country.

As is often the case in Germany, GameStop is responsible for the distribution campaign. This time, unfortunately, the code is not available online, but only locally at GameStop branches. So you have to take the route if you want a code. GameStop got that on Twitter today communicates.

There are no conditions to receive it, so you can get the code without making a purchase or something similar. It has details of the action. GameStop on a landing page* compiled for you.

You will receive a code in stores that will allow you to receive a Zamazenta or Zacian using the “secret gift” function. The campaign runs until November 18, 2021.

Alternatively: in Great Britain or Ireland

Parallel to this, today in Great Britain it also has the distribution started, are the codes in GAME. The store also distributes the codes online. and you can register here. In theory UK codes should work for us too. You don’t even need to have a GAME account to register. Testing costs nothing.

And another alternative: GameStop Ireland also offers the online distribution campaign. You can simply register there too, without an account or purchase. You can even choose between Zamazenta and Zacian and sign up for both Shinys. However, it remains to be seen if you actually get a code.

Update: online distribution worked

Online distribution on GameStop Ireland and GAME UK worked flawlessly with a .de email address. Both stores emailed the codes today. So you can register with confidence!

Images: Pokémon Sword and Shield, Nintendo, The Pokémon Company / Game Freak, GameStop

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