Gérald Darmanin calls on the UK to open a legal avenue for immigration

The French government is awaiting progress from the United Kingdom on the immigration issue. The Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, called on Monday, November 29, to the British government to open a legal channel for the admission of asylum seekers in its territory. France is not ” an endorsement of the British authorities ”, he said during a press conference held after a defense council dedicated to migration.

Mr Darmanin, who reaffirmed the need to respect the Touquet agreements, also advocated the negotiation of an agreement on illegal immigration between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom. “It cannot be a simple agreement for the readmission of migrants to the territory” French, the Interior Minister stressed, specifying that Prime Minister Jean Castex would write to his counterpart Boris Johnson on Tuesday to propose an agreement. “What we want”, he insisted, “It is a balanced agreement that offers real solutions even to the problems of France and Europe (…) We do not want a unilateral agreement. “

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The minister also warned the British against any attempt to return migrants arriving on their shores, which would be “An unacceptable red line”. “We will never accept the practice of push-backs at sea”, he assured, because “The UK is not exempt from international law”.

The day after an intergovernmental meeting in Calais, from which the British had been excluded, the minister also indicated that the French Government would be willing to resume talks to find an agreement with London on the migration crisis when «N’y aura[it] no more double talk ” of the British. “We ask the English what they ask of Europe: that everyone respect their commitments”added the minister. That same day he had called UK BFM-TV to «Changer [sa] legislation “ and drink “Your responsibilities”, recalling that, every year, 30,000 asylum applications are registered in Great Britain compared to about 150,000 in France.

Doubling the manpower to fight smugglers

At the end of the defense council on Monday morning, the minister also announced the deployment of two additional helicopters from the Ministry of the Interior to reinforce aerial surveillance of the Canal. will be added to the Frontex plane, the European Border Guard Agency, whose deployment was announced on Sunday.

Mr. Darmanin also reaffirmed the priority given by the French government to the fight against smugglers. The Central Office for the Suppression of Irregular Immigration and the Employment of Untitled Foreigners (OCRIEST) will thus be transformed into “Office against smuggling”, and its staff – currently 123 employees – will double. he will welcome “magistrates and officials of the finance ministry” and will have a “National competition”, Mr. Darmanin clarified.

Seven regional branches will be created ” starting next year “ in the most sensitive areas, in particular the Calais sector and the Italian and Spanish borders.

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On Sunday, four days after the deadly shipwreck at sea that separates France from the United Kingdom, which left at least 27 dead, those responsible for French, German, Dutch and Belgian immigration, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, met in Calais and the directors of the European criminal police agencies Europol and Frontex borders. The participants agreed“Enhance joint cooperation with the UK” in the face of migratory traffic.

In a joint statement, the participants had “They reaffirmed their commitment to do everything possible to fight more effectively against criminal networks of smugglers.” and recognized the need for“Enhance joint cooperation with the UK”.

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