Garden Life: Nacon presents a relaxing gardening simulation

Nakon already has quite a few simulation games in its editorial catalogue, such as Train Life: a railway simulator, hunting simulator 2 either bee simulator. and just added Garden Life, a gardening simulation game developed by studios still alivealready behind the bus simulator.

On this occasion, the study leaves aside the large and congested cities to move us to “an environment as picturesque as it is magnificent”. Players will have to plant, cultivate, decorate and manage their garden, with a how to play realistic and relaxing at the same time, all carried by “a warm visual style”. So it will be possible to grow real procedurally generated flowers, bushes, fruits and vegetables thanks to growth visualization simulation technology, for unique plants, taking into account the climatic conditions to take care of it. Kay Luthor, producer of garden life but also holder of the HDF diploma and winner of the chelsea from Young Florist of the Year in the UK in 2016, it adds:

Games and Gardening – We’ve always dreamed of bringing these two hobbies together to create a relaxing and amazing experience. We wanted to share our passion and experience of gardening through Garden Life, and give players the ability to create the garden that matches their vision and desires, while adding a unique art style that evokes wonder and highlights beauty. of the nature.

Garden Life does not currently have a release date, or even official platforms., and you have to settle for a single visual to discover the relaxing atmosphere that it promises. You can find bus simulator 21 for €31.49 in gamesplanet.

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