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The Gironde brand, creator of perfumes in its own name, must also develop abroad. While keeping your brand image accessible, you also intend to work on your notoriety to gain visibility.

Adopt Parfums has just completed a €26.2 million fundraiser with Pépites & Territoires (€17 million for Axa France and NextStage AM) and Trocadero Capital Partners. In addition to the development of its production and branding of the brand, the brand, which specializes in the creation of perfumes, also intends to accelerate its territorial network. Today, Adopt Parfums has 163 stores in France, 20 of which are franchises. “In 2021, we should be able to open 15 new franchises and then adopt a rate of twenty openings on average per year”, explains David Gaudicheau, CEO of the brand created in 1986. In short, the brand wants to break down its store base between 60% own stores and 40% franchises. Suffice it to say that Adopt Parfums will therefore seek to densify its territory. As for candidate profiles, it is aimed at multi-franchisees who wish to expand their field of activity. Regarding investments, the candidate must start with 70,000 euros of financing (excluding premises).

“They can be managers who already have textile stores. But in any case, we are mainly looking for merchants”keep going David Gaucheau.

If Adopt Parfums deploys its outlets both in the city center and in the shopping mall, the selling area of ​​its stores generally varies between 40 and 60 square meters. Abroad, the brand is also deployed as a franchise, especially with projects already underway in Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium.

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The brand now seeks to distinguish itself through original perfume creations but always offered at affordable prices. To do this, the brand works internally with an olfactory unit, including a nose, formerly from the LVMH house. “We are not looking to have a muse to represent the brand. Our entire business model is based on the quality of the juices that we want to preserve at all costs”, explains Frédéric Stoeckel, CEO of the brand. And he adds: “This fundraising should allow us to accelerate the distribution of the brand while increasing its notoriety and visibility.” In addition to perfumes, Adopt Parfums also develops body and facial care, as well as aromatherapy and makeup.

“We are working more and more on CSR issues, offering natural products respecting a virtuous circle but also working on recyclable and (or) recycled packaging”keep going Frederic Stoeckel.

While the brand encourages the recycling of empty bottles by raising awareness among its customers, it is streamlining the impact of its supply policy.

On the production side, Adopt Parfums has its own production units in its historic stronghold in Cestas en Gironde. The brand now launches, on average, between 20 and 30 new creations per year.

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