From now on, the Belgian police remotely control the tachographs of the trucks

In several European countries, police have recently checked truck tachographs remotely. For a few weeks, Belgium has begun, in turn, to take the step.

The list goes on. After the UK, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, Belgium becomes the sixth European country to introduce tachograph remote controls. In fact, the Belgian police tested all 16 February on the E40 in Wetteren the use of an antenna called DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) to remotely control the tachograph of moving heavy vehicles.

On the terrain. With this device that resembles a small radar, officers can access real-time information on selected trucks on their smartphones. A color code allows to identify the vehicles that deserve to be checked more closely by the police.

Technically.The DSRC antenna can read the tachograph of a passing truck,” says Kristiaan Popelier, division commissioner of the East Flanders road police. “Then we get a notice to check the truck when something is wrong.”, he adds. The suspect trucks are then physically inspected.

Read the full article (restricted access) at The Carriers Officer #3146 of 3 March 2023.

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