French SMEs plan to increase their IT budgets in 2023

According to a survey by the Gartner-owned site Capterra, a large majority of French SMEs would plan to increase their IT budgets, despite the uncertain economic context (including recession) and looming inflation.

On the contrary, it would be this context that would explain the decisions to invest in IT solutions to better manage and streamline the activities of organizations.

“French companies seem to embrace digital transformation […] as a possible response to maintain its operations,” writes the Gartner subsidiary. “Although the implementation of new technologies can generate certain reservations – such as blockages linked to the internal adoption of solutions or concerns associated with the need to increase data security – companies consider the role that these tools can play in the development of their activity and dedicate part of their provisional budget to them”.

French SMEs have invested in Core Finance and IT support

“French companies seem to embrace digital transformation […] as a potential response to maintain its operations. »

Capterra SurveyGartner Affiliate

More specifically, 67% of French SMEs surveyed say they will invest significantly more in IT (at least 10% more). By contrast, only 5% anticipate a contraction in the IT budget. Between the two, 28% choose the status quo.

This trend would be the same in the other countries studied (Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States).

Since 2020, and with the start of the health crisis, Capterra has observed that the software most deployed by French SMEs is, in order, the accounting and financial solutions (44%), of IT support and maintenance (43%), project management (42%) and digital marketing (42%).

In particular, collaborative suites do not appear in this Top 4 despite the massive shift to remote working.

ERP, SCM, top security priorities for 2023

For the coming year, French SMEs should equip or migrate ERP (36% of them) and say they will look closely at supply chain management solutions (SCM also for 36%).

32% would also consider -and logically one could say- the fact of investing in cybersecurity.

the CRM (at 30%) and computer tools for the point of sale or point of sale (30%) are also popular.

In a more transversal way, SMEs would also be very interested in the integration of applications (42%).

“By centralizing the information from different applications, integration technologies allow us to analyze the processes likely to improve operational efficiency and define the changes to be made in those that are less efficient”, summarizes Gartner.

Encouraging forecasts to be temperate

Still across the board, French SMEs seem to have a positive perception of the advantages of advanced and emerging technologies such as models “zero trust” in cybersecurityprocess automation or machine learning (even if AI remains the poor relative of French SME initiativesaccording to the annual index of the European Commission).

If the investment forecasts for French SMEs are “encouraging”, they should not make us forget “certain reservations in organizations”, insists Capterra/Gartner.

Training, support for change and even the realization of the budget allocation (companies expect a rapid ROI over 18 months that is close to the selected projects) will continue to be challenges to overcome, even obstacles to eliminate.

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