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Where does this news come from?

We all know picky eaters in our area. For example, if someone dislikes fruits and/or vegetables, that is possible. be harmful to health. After all, fruits and vegetables are essential components of a healthy, balanced diet.

British scientists investigated whether the color of a plate can influence eating behavior (1):

  • They divided a group of 47 participants through questionnaires picky and easy eaters.
  • Subsequently, the participants received 25 grams French fries in 3 plates with different colors: blue, red and white.
  • The participants had to indicate how salty and how attractive they found the fries:
    • For easy eaters, the color of the plate made no difference.
    • He picky eaters found:
      • the chips on a blue or red plate saltier then that of a white plate;
      • the french fries on a most attractive blue plate than those of a red or white board.

The researchers concluded that people tend to eat more than one blue plate.


(1) Annette M, Stafford L. How color influences taste perception in adult picky eaters. Food quality and preference 2023;105.

How should you interpret this news?

This study suggests that the color of a plate may encourage picky eaters to eat more. But this study can’t really prove that the color of a plate can positively influence your eating behavior. It has several limitations:

  • the study was not blind: participants knew what dish they ate from.
    • That can affect the results.
  • French fries are not a suitable product. to find out if a certain colored dish makes someone eat healthier.
    • The same test with sprouts would have been more interesting.
  • That number of participants they were in the studio too small.
    • Therefore, the observed differences may be due to chance.
  • A fun thought: The researchers didn’t check to see if the participants were color blind.
    • This can affect how they perceive the colors of the plates.
    • For example, most people who are color blind cannot distinguish red from green. A red signal that turns green is probably less attractive.
  • The picky eater category seems rather contrived: what constitutes being a picky eater is not clearly described.
  • eventually there was just a tested food: chips.
    • Not everyone likes to eat French fries, without being a picky eater.

So it’s doubtful that young children will suddenly appreciate sprouts because the color of their plate is different. And that, for example, a Christmas turkey looks tastier on a white or blue plate than on a dark brown plate, it is quite obvious.

It was previously investigated whether the plate size it can influence your eating behavior: you would eat a little less than a small plate.


A small-scale British study found that picky eaters eat more chips from a blue plate than from a red or white plate. Difficult eaters seemed to experience blue plates as more enjoyable. However, the differences were limited. Whether the color of a dish can also make people eat healthier cannot be shown with chips.

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