Forsee Power signs a partnership with Connected Energy

Forsee Power and Connected Energy, the specialist in second-life battery energy storage systems, have partnered to implement and optimize the reuse of transport battery systems in stationary energy storage systems. Based on a sustainable life cycle approach, Forsee Power and Connected Energy have decided to join forces to develop a robust technical and business model for the deployment of Forsee Zen 4 and Forsee Zen 35 second-life high-energy batteries. In Connected Energy E-STOR containers and large-scale M-STOR installations.

The E-STOR system, together with the production of renewable energy for standalone or grid-connected use for additional backup or optimized energy consumption, offers a stationary storage solution of modular and scalable design, offering a range of configurations adapted to the varied needs. from industrial and commercial customers, while the large-scale M-STOR installations will support the necessary network upgrades associated with the deployment of renewable energy. A first E-STOR project of approximately 3.5 MWh is expected to be implemented in the second half of 2023. Another very large-scale (~ 40 MWH) second-life battery installation (M-STOR) will be installed in the Kingdom. Joined and operational since the 3rd quarter of 2024.

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