Foreign trade | Meat imports weigh on France’s trade surplus

the surplus of agri-food trade The Frenchman reached 922 million euros in November, 160 million euros less than a year earlier, Agreste calculates, because our imports grew faster (+930 million euros in one year) than our exports (+770 million). This is the first month of 2022 where the performance is worse than in 2021.

More imports of processed agricultural products

The surplus of processed agricultural products reached 509 million euros, 308 million euros less than a year earlier. It is especially towards the EU where the trade surplus falls (-335 million euros). Our imports increased by 813 million euros, or an increase of 20% in one year. “Purchases of meat and slaughtered products (mainly poultry from Poland and beef from the UK) increased in particular by 149 million euros,” reports Agreste. Our purchases of dairy products also increased by 130 million euros (butter and cheese), more strongly than our exports which only increased 105 million euros “with cheeses (mainly destined for Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain).

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