For Prince Harry, election time has come

While the commercial success of Harry’s autobiography is unparalleled, nothing is settled regarding his place in the royal family, and his future still seems uncertain. Will he be present at the coronation of his father on May 6, 2023? What is his professional future? His family’s? Response items.

Did the Mission Impossible credits cross Justin Welby’s mind when he understood the sovereign’s request? According to the Daily Telegraph, King Charles III has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to be the intermediary between William and Harry in view of the latter’s arrival for his coronation on May 6, 2023. For Buckingham Palace, the estimate is simple. The presence of the king’s youngest son, and possibly his wife, in Westminster Abbey would be less damaging than his absence. This ceremony, the quintessence of monarchy, must not be disturbed. If Harry doesn’t come, the familiar aspect will take precedence over the solemn. A view shared by most Britons. According to an Ispos survey commissioned by the Evening Standard newspaper, 60% of them are in favor of his arrival. And it’s hard to imagine Harry commenting on the ceremony for American television, even if a…

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