Fishing: Macron accuses London of lack of credibility

The fishing dispute between Paris and London does not end; it will probably also be a topic at the G20 summit in Rome. Macron’s indictment weighs heavily: doesn’t London adhere to clear agreements?

French President Emmanuel Macron has stated that the London-Paris fisheries dispute is a test of British credibility.

London does not adhere to the Brexit treaty agreements, Macron told the Financial Times (Saturday). That is being watched closely around the world. “If you negotiate a contract for years and a few months later in the areas that you like least, you do the opposite of what was decided, that’s not a great sign of credibility,” Macron said.

Paris accuses London of failing to license many French vessels to fish in British waters, contrary to the agreements. London rejects it. France is now threatening to scrutinize British ships as of November 2 and not allow them to dock in certain French ports. Trucks traveling from France to the UK or in the opposite direction also need to be more strictly controlled. A British ship has already stopped.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to speak to Macron about the dispute on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Rome. Johnson had recently admitted “turmoil” in bilateral relations. The British government said London was preparing suitable countermeasures.

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