FIFA will probably be called EA Sports FC from next year •

Last week, Electronic Arts announced that FIFA will likely receive a name change starting next year and in the meantime, there are also strong suspicions about that possible new name. After all, the company has recently applied for the ‘EA Sports FC’ trademark in both Europe and the UK.

Applications to the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union and the United Kingdom are dated October 1. In both cases it is “computer game software”. So unless EA is still working on an entirely new sports game, it may be little more than FIFA’s new branding.

However, there is another possibility. Analysts suspect that there is a possibility that EA is simply trying to pressure the International Football Association to pay less for the brand in the future. After all, many soccer fans today associate the name FIFA with the game rather than organization.

So there is a chance that FIFA 22 will be the last game with that name. If you’re curious about our take on that game, you can read our FIFA 22 review here.

Last week you could also read that competitor eFootball currently has the lowest Steam user rating ever.

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