FIFA 22: Electronic Arts would have already chosen the next license name, here it is!

Game News FIFA 22: Electronic Arts would have already chosen the next license name, here it is!

Like its main competitor, eFootball (formerly Pro Evolution Soccer), the Electronic Arts soccer game is considering a name change. It must be said that with one episode every year, the titles are a bit redundant. For this, the publisher is already thinking of another name and it seems that it has made its choice very recently.

While Konami did not wait another year to change the name of its football license, Electronic Arts preferred to keep its name so familiar to gamers for its edition. FIFA 2022 for fear of rushing them. However, the future of the FIFA name appears to be on hold because Electronic Arts would like to offer its license a completely new title.

This willingness to make a name change was confirmed by the CEO of the EA Sports group himself, Cam Weber, a few days ago. But what the Electronic Arts executive failed to mention, It is that a name was already trotting in the heads of the management and that it would have already been presented to the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office, as well as to that of the European Union.

Even so, Electronic Arts would disassociate itself from the name “FIFA” which necessarily refers to the sports federation of the same name, the game, whatever its next name, could still have numerous licensing agreements for leagues, stadiums and even players.. Because FIFA, no less than 300 individual partners open the doors to 30 different leagues, 700 teams for a total of 17,000 athletes and a hundred stadiums, according to Cam Weber.

So yes, FIFA is considering a name change, but above all it wants to remain authentic. But then, what name have the experts at Electronic Arts set themselves to? According to the trademark applications filed by the company, the famous football license could be changed to “EA Sports FC”.. At the moment, nothing has been formalized by the publisher about the new name and if it is indeed this. However, the choice made by the company is likely to spark a debate within the gaming community.

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