FACT OF THE NIGHT The immense Terry Gilliam and the venerable Stephen Frears

Isabelle and Bernard from the Association of British Screens, Sophie Roulle, City Culture Assistant and Claude Viallat, artist from Nîmes (Photo Anthony Maurin).

the British Screen Festival It will be Nîmes in a few days. The city of the Antonins will host two illustrious names in cinema. A real opportunity. A 25th edition that promises mountains and wonders!

There are many famous headliners who have traveled to Nîmes to officially sponsor this beautiful festival. But back to the story. ” british screens is a non-profit association of volunteers, founded in 1997 in Nîmes, whose mission is to make British cinema known to the public in the south of France by creating the festival british Screen, of which he is the producer and which is celebrated every year for ten days.

this year is Terry Gilliam, the artist of the Monty Python company, actor, screenwriter, animator and, above all, phantasmagorical director of a dozen films. He will be in Nîmes for the 25th anniversary festival. With Stephen Frears, is another polymorphous director who will be the guest at the 2022 edition of the Nîmes festival. 81 years for the first, one less for the second, how lucky to have two guests of this caliber.

(Photo Antonio Maurín).

For Sophie Roulle, City Culture Assistant: “ This festival has found its place in the city for a wide audience from Nîmes, but also outside Nîmes. The international artists are excellent, as is the programming, which is very qualitative. The City Council contributes this year a subsidy of 7,000 euros. This festival has existed for 25 years and it was Claude Viallat who made the poster. To celebrate such a poster and such a beautiful anniversary, what better than an internationally recognized artist.

« It is the 25th anniversary of a festival that brings international caliber to Nîmes. Claude Viallat presented us with this work that was immediately unanimous. He even offered to do another one if needed but, even though he had already done this one, he was predestined, so we kept it.“, points out Bernard Raynaud, president of the association.

(Photo Antonio Maurín).

You should know that Claude Viallat still does his two or three jobs a day! He pulled this poster out of a weird lot, as he puts it: ” I had been given fabric including this pillowcase that I painted. This move was justified! “And Bernard Raynaud to continue:” Without false modesty, we are delighted. Other news: Although Terry Gilliam will be absent on the first Friday and Saturday, he will be on Sunday and will stay one more day. If the artist will not be face-to-face at first, he will continue to present his films on video.

« He built his unique work for his style and his universe, he even gave his name to a great focal length that he still uses. As he is still in the works for his movie « The man who killed Don Quixote« we do not risk fines being paid by Carré d’Art or Semaphore. Small request from Terry Gilliam in person, the artist wants to press the presentation of his least known film, but which is nonetheless his favorite, estuary“, reveals Bernard Raynaud who had been working for three years to bring it.

Terry Glliam (British Screen Festival Photography).

Let’s move on to the other guest, Stephen Frears. Another great name of British cinema. For him it will have taken four years to make him a little more Nîmes. With him, a thriller with “The Hit”, a social drama with “My Beautiful Laundrette”, a period film with “Dangerous Liaisons”, a comedy with “The Snapper”, a biopic of “The Queen”, a terrifying drama with “Mary Reilly”, another about childhood with “Liam”, a film about sports with “The Program”… You will have understood, Stephen Frears gets into all paths, works on all horizons. In front of his camera? Actors like John Malkovich, Julia Roberts, Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Daniel Day-Lewis, Helen Mirren, Hugh Grant, Judi Dench…

Isabelle, the artistic director of the festival, is a happy woman: ” We try to show them their talents and not just the well-known things they did. We had to fight to get copies and subtitle them. We also plan to join Rita Tushingham, a British New Wave actress in the 1960s, especially with an acting award at Cannes. Precisely, the theme of the 2022 edition focuses on Cannes and the British films that have had some success there. The Cannes festival will celebrate its 75th anniversary, the Nîmes festival celebrates its 25th anniversary, logical to have a return trip.

Stephen Frears here in 2014 (Wikicommons photo).

Also present as guests in person or on video, Ruth Meehan, Marc Munden, Jeremy Dear, François Theurel, Jean-François Baillon, Fabienne Delfour, Jean-Noël Grando, Nicolas Botti, Gabriele Padberg-Jeanjean, Mark Cousins, Cathy Brady and Joanna Hogg. Advice ? Obviously attend the sessions in the presence of the directors. next? Let yourself be guided by your instincts, do not wear blinders. For Terry Gilliam, go see Tideland, if he says it’s his best film, try the adventure on Tuesday the 15th at 10:15.

The documentary “Do you know why I jump? will be presented at the Semaphore on March 19 at 4:30 pm Shocking and full of hope, the viewer will see a different kind of nonverbal autism than a 13-year-old. “Limbo”, a dramatic comedy, will also have the right to preview on Friday the 11th at 9:00 p.m., at the opening of the festival. An extremely topical issue, migratory flows are at the heart of the film “Limbo”.

Room 6 of Le Sémaphore de Nîmes cinema (Anthony Maurin Photographic Archive).

Another pleasant moment -in addition to the projections attended by the directors- and musical intermission of the festival, the film-concert by Virgile Goller that will deal with a silent film from 1926, the open road. Virgile created a musical score to accompany the film. ” This year it is a documentary about the United Kingdom, in color but silent and restored. It is always a magical moment!“, assure Isabelle and Bernard.

The festival will take place over ten days and in three different locations: at the Semaphore, at the Carré d’Art and at the Terrisse room of the Lycée Daudet. The Tourist Office will present a beautiful exhibition made by the association’s photographers.

To know the complete program is here. On social networks, to follow british screen news. Screenings will take place between March 11 and 20. Do not hesitate and become a member of this association. The membership card is 15 euros, the benefactor card is 50 euros with a tax deduction of 33 euros or the card is 17 euros.

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