Euronews launches a series of videos dedicated to innovation – Image

Euronews announced the launch of a new video series dedicated to new technologies and innovation, entitled “The Edge – People pushing the limits with new technologies”. Presented by digital transformation and innovation expert Tom Goodwin, “The Edge” explores what happens when disruptive technologies collide with bold thinkers, pushing boundaries and reinventing ideas, entire industries. “The Edge” reinforces the dedicated digital content offering of Euronews’ new vertical, Euronews Next, the channel said.

The first episode of “The Edge” was filmed in Iceland and shows how this country’s unique landscape and natural resources make it a hotbed of exciting ecological innovations. Tom Goodwin visits a vertical farm that uses 100% renewable energy, an “Energy to Food” platform that produces super-sustainable microalgae, and exciting technology that turns CO2 to stone. Promising developments that could make the world a better place. The episodes of “The Edge” are 10-15 minutes long and will be broadcast on the UK Euronews YouTube channel. Euronews will also publish dedicated content on social media.

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