Euro Play 2021 is like the Eurovision Song Contest with only video games

Bear and Breakfast is the Romanian participant game in Euro Play 2021.
Bear and Breakfast is the Romanian participant game in Euro Play 2021.

Imagine the Eurovision Song Contest, with only unreleased games. So you have a rough idea of ​​what Euro Play 2021 is. Here, games from 15 different European countries compete against each other, both as a Twitch show and at this year’s gamescom. That sounds pretty exciting and the first participating games have already been decided.

Euro Play 2021: this is how the video game version of the Eurovision Song Contest works

What exactly? Euro Play 2021 is a competition in which different games from different European countries compete with each other. The only condition: the games must still be unreleased. At the end, the audience can vote which of the games is best received.

  • Thursday, August 26 the Euro Play 2021 contest will be held as part of gamescom

You can find everything about gamescom 2021 here:

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gamescom 2021: dates, events and all information at a glance

The selection is also made in advance. like the Eurovision Song Contest at the country level. This means, for example, that Great Britain will present the UK Game of the Show award on its own show on August 24. It will also determine which game of the 15 participating British studios will ultimately play.

Because all of this? The contest aims to showcase the creativity of development studios and, of course, promote it. At the same time, the drum can be adequately promoted in advance and more attention can be generated for smaller games that might otherwise go unnoticed.

These are the 10 finalist games

Many countries have already decided which games they want to send to the race: 10 titles have already been decided, including games in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. You can find the full list here.

  • Belgien: You suck in the parking lot (Happy Volcano)
  • France: The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf (Osome Studio)
  • Italien: Batory – Lost Haven (Stormind Games)
  • Rumänien: Bear and Breakfast (Gummy Cat Studio)
  • Schweiz: Wild Planet (Lukyantsev Company)
  • Serbia: Ripout (Pet Project Games)
  • Spanien: The Occultist (Pentakill Studios)
  • Ukraine: Sketch Crawler (Koan)
  • Weißrussland: Beyond the Law (Payara Games)
  • Zypern: The Unliving (RocketBrush Studio)

It is unlikely that most of these titles have appeared on your screen yet. So it is better to introduce yourself in more detail at Euro Play events. Right now the ripout and bear and breakfast are particularly exciting for me personally.

What do you think of the idea of ​​holding a kind of Eurovision Song Contest for video games? Are you going to see Euro Play 2021?

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