Entry to Great Britain: EU citizens will need a passport in the future

German and British passports

With some exceptions, an identity card will no longer be sufficient to enter the UK from 1 October.

(Photo: dpa)

London In the future, EU travelers will need a passport to enter the UK. With few exceptions, an identity card is no longer sufficient to enter the country as of October 1, as can be seen in the official entry rules. Until now, there has been a transition phase since Brexit, in which you could still cross the border with that identification.

Only for EU citizens residing in the UK should an identity card be sufficient for entry after the deadline. However, this could still lead to complications at the border: proof of your right of residence, the so-called settled or pre-established status, after Brexit can only be obtained through a digital portal of the British Home Office. Civil rights organizations like The3Million have long required physical proof of the right of residence, for example, in the form of a paper card or a printable document.

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