England’s sailors swallow the Brexit rules and the crown


The shortsea has completed the first months of ‘England sailing’ under the Brexit and crown regimes. They were special months with new customs rules and strict rules, because the variant of the British crown poked its head out and caused additional tension. But it is doable in the home-made bubble and the job is good, according to some short-haul shipowners who also sail inland with their sea and river boats.


De Bock Maritiem’s ​​Amadeus Aquamarijn in a turbulent North Sea. (Photo flight focus)

According to Gerrit Bosma of Tharsis Sea-River Shipping in Delfzijl, sailing between the Ruhr area and England is “business as usual”. “England has been piling up in the run-up to Brexit and they don’t seem to have enough yet. Of course, we are noticing enough of the new circumstances now that England is out of the EU. We take back our cargo papers, which in regards to those papers reminds me of the time when at Emmerik and Lobith 30, 40 ships were at the dock to clear customs. Behind the scenes, of course, there is a lot more paperwork for charterers and customs agents. ”

(Willem de Niet)

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