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In Trafalgar Square they have placed artificial grass in some places of the so-called fan zone, during the day it looks neat, the English have a preference for precise grass rugs. Artificial grass holds a lot, which is practical, because the English also have a penchant for freaking out wildly when footballers win. The England team haven’t won tournaments too often in the last 50 years, reaching a European Championship final for the first time on Wednesday night, after which the people in Trafalgar Square abandoned the artificial turf. And, there is no other way to put it, he went completely insane.

Fans ran down the street with flags and T-shirts, shouting, chanting, hitting the roofs of cars that were more parked than driven, the cars honked again, the noise was deafening. People were climbing on the utility poles, the fountain looked like a fly strip that worked well, people were hanging on top of each other. At Piccadilly Circus, authorities had shut down the fountain as a precaution because they feared for it, which did not appear to bother fans. You got on the double-decker buses.

It is said to have been similar in Leicester Square, with photos from the Croydon district showing an indifferent crowd of supposedly 40,000 in Boxpark literally bathing after Harry Kane scored 2-1. There was a small issue at Tower Bridge, where the local fan zone administrators informed the game that they would not show the England game on screen here – for security reasons.

England is now even more intoxicated than before the semi-finals. On Thursday, newspapers printed numerous documents for the national holiday, and additional fan zones were set up in Birmingham, Sunderland, Manchester and elsewhere, as if football fans needed their own venues to gather in. They gathered everywhere, some in Gareth Southgate masks, others in royal family masks. “Harrylujah” was the headline Daily mail, und: “Kane, do you think so?”

A ticket to the final costs 2300 euros or more.

The “British Beer & Pub Association” assured those concerned these days that the nutrient could be depleted: there was enough beer for everyone, a spokesperson said. The Pub and Beer Association expects a good ten million pints to be drunk in pubs all day Wednesday and a production of around 50,000 pints per minute during gameplay. The flags of England and the British Union Jack hung everywhere, but it must be said that the euphoria in Scotland was not that great. Although there are also fan zones in Edinburgh where play was followed, the atmosphere was more pro-Danish, reported the Times, citing 20-year-old Molly Black who supports Denmark simply “because I hate the English.” His chant that football is coming home is “shameful.”

The English fans actually sing “Football’s coming home” in a loop, it was the same in Trafalgar Square, at midnight. But the euphoria can also be a pleasant thing if you are not Scottish or Danish and you have to see the English party. How to bring general happiness in which strangers hug each other together with a pandemic that is still very much present, that is of course a different story.

On Sunday 60,000 fans are admitted back to Wembley Stadium, tickets were available on Thursday morning from 1962 pounds, around 2300 euros. A few months ago, when a couple of super rich clubs, especially from England, wanted to present a Super League to hand out even more money, fans in Europe, including England, showed signs that read “Created by the poor, Stolen by the rich”, created by the poor, stolen from the rich. The English working class of the 19th century shaped football, but that was a long time ago.

Now it seems like fans are paying what it takes to be there. Sunday at Wembley Stadium is England’s first final in a major tournament since the 1966 World Cup, plus at home: a day in which history is made, no less, a day of ecstasy. The stadium will be as full as the rules allow, no one in England doubts it.

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