Energy: the United Kingdom wants to “reward” those who wash clothes in off-peak hours

This project, which has not yet been submitted to the sector regulator (Ofgem), aims to mitigate the risk of power outages in the country. His revelation comes in a context where alarm signals are multiplying about the energy situation in the United Kingdom this winter. In fact, drastic increases in energy prices are expected in the coming weeks, due in particular to the British dependence on gas. Therefore, electricity prices for people should more than double in a year next January. The average energy bill per household could then reach 6,000 pounds a year (7,096 euros) according to some estimates, or almost 20% of the disposable income of households in the United Kingdom.

In addition to this project, in mid-August the UK energy sector urged the government to increase “quickly” consumer aid. All in the midst of a government transition. Favorite to the succession of Boris Johnson – bogged down in controversy – at number 10 Downing Street, Liz Truss favors tax cuts. Her rival, Rishi Sunak, speaks, for her part, of “moral responsibility” to provide more direct aid to consumers, currently being the public subsidy of 400 pounds per year (473 euros).

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