Egencia improves its application for Travel Managers and business travelers

Egencia’s new features help personalize the user experience, give users more control, make it easier to book and change their to travel.

A platform B2B travel technology

Born in the labs of global tech giants, Egencia delivers a premium user experience, content and service to more than two million business travelers worldwide.

the platform is noted for its cutting-edge data analytics and AI-driven innovations that power the travel programs of more than 9,000 companies in more than 60 countries.

A personalized experience

The users you will benefit from a personalized welcome screen thanks to the SDUI (Server Driven User Interface) technology. is the first platform travel to offer it.

the welcome page dynamically presents the traveler with relevant content so that faster access to actions who cares. For example, features such as travel will be displayed on the home screen.

The new guide to to travel egency integrated into the application help them to users instant access to information that concerns them, in particular their schedules and requirements and updates relating to your destination. The main information of the accommodation is also available, such as hotel hygiene protocols, social distancing rules and opening hours of restaurants and swimming pools.

John Sturino, Vice President of Technology at EgenciaHe says: “In today’s world of travel, where plans often change, we’re empowering business travelers by further customizing our app. Unlike airlines or hotels, we can help users find the best options available from many providers, not just one. egency provides them with updates when they need them most. They can also change their hotel or flight reservations without leaving the app. »

To allow travelers To more easily receive essential updates about your stay, such as flight delays, schedule changes, and check-in reminders, Egencia has introduced push notifications.

The user takes control of his to travel

In response to request growing number of customers who want to make changes to their programs themselves, egency allowed the modification of flight and hotel reservations. If a reservation can be modified, travelers and organizers can now make corrections without leaving the app.

egency also added contactless e-tickets for routes by train professionals in the UK. After payment, users can easily access their tickets by following the new link on their travel page.

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