Education Minister Jenkyns shows the middle finger to protesters

The images caused outrage on Twitter. For example, one user wrote: “If there is one image that sums up everything that is wrong with this government, this is it.”

Jenkyns was appointed as the UK’s new education secretary just days after several ministers in Johnson’s cabinet resigned. She was also criticized for her performance in her own match.

The behavior was “outrageous”, Conservative MP George Freeman tweeted on Saturday. “This is exactly why we need a new prime minister.” The code of conduct for ministers must be restored, service in public office must be respected. Cabinet member Mark Spencer said the obscene gesture was unacceptable.

“I’m only human”

“Nobody expects Secretaries of State to be perfect,” tweeted opposition Labor Party politician Bridget Phillipson. “But is it too much to hope that they don’t treat the public that way?” The handling of criticism of him and his government and his lack of respect for ethics and morals also led to the downfall of Prime Minister Johnson.

Jenkyns justified himself. Like other politicians, she was severely insulted by a “barking mob”. In recent years she has received verbal abuse and four death threats. “She was at the end of my strength.” Jenkyns emphasized that no one should tolerate such treatment. “I should have shown more composure, but I’m only human.”

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